What Do Fellow Professionals Think About iTEP SLATE?

Once we began accepting iTEP SLATE for admissions, we were pleased to see how Boston Educational Services promoted our school in its test centers, as well as its widely circulated email newsletter, its website, and its large social media presence including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Chinese sites such as Weibo. We are actively encouraging growth in the number of international applications we receive, and accepting a more affordable, easier to schedule test has been instrumental in reaching our goal. It has been clear from the start that BES is not just a test provider, but a partner dedicated to helping institutions and students connect efficiently.

Chris McGary, Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Admissions, Foxcroft Academy

I have found the Secondary Level Assessment Test of English (SLATE), developed by Boston Educational Services, to be the best English proficiency test currently available. iTEP SLATE is user-friendly, highly secure, and practical, and provides counselors and admissions officers information on all linguistic skills, including speaking and writing. This exam maintains the practical aspects of the existing iTEP exam platform of Boston Ed., yet utilizes content specific to the secondary school demographic. During my more than thirty years of experience working in the secondary school environment, I have not seen an exam as reliable and appropriate for the high school-age group as SLATE. I highly recommend its use as an evaluative instrument by secondary school personnel.

Roger Riske, Ph.D., President, Educational Resource Development Trust

I am very pleased to report that I have found a test that provides a reliable and accurate assessment of a student’s English proficiency and readiness to follow a full-time American high school curriculum. The test, iTEP SLATE (Secondary Level Assessment Test of English), developed by Boston Educational Services, is far superior to other tests of which I am aware that specifically target middle and high school students. iTEP SLATE can be used for both language class placement and US high school admission. It is currently being utilized for formal English proficiency certification in a number of countries, most notably China, where proper certification is a key component in preparing children for the future.

Fadi Germanos, Xavier College Preparatory High School