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iTEP International Test of English Proficiency

iTEP is the best way to assess the English proficiency of non-native speakers. Our exams are designed to be accurate, secure, efficient, and cost-effective for organizations and test-takers alike.

There is a wide variety of iTEP exams, and we also offer customized tests to organizations seeking exams that are specific to their field.

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Many tests. One philosophy.

Each of our exams is different (click on a test above to learn more about it), but certain core principles apply to all of them.

We don’t believe in test dates. Whether at a certified iTEP test center or your office computer, all of our exams are administered on-demand at a convenient time for all parties involved.

Scores that mean something delivered quickly. iTEP scores are very detailed, with scores for sub-skills that make it easy to track progress and identify strengths and areas for improvement. Scores for multiple choice test sections are available immediately. Speaking and writing sections are scored within 5 business days.

We value your time and money. Our exams range from 30 to 90 minutes, and none retails for more than $119USD. Institutions and companies receive substantial discounts.

Call us and you will talk to a real person. We’re proud of our tests. We don’t hide from questions and concerns. We’re eager to help. Whether you’re a university president or a teenage student, pick up the phone and you will speak to a live person (during business hours in California). Send us an email, and we will reply quickly.

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