Test basics

iTEP Academic

A better English test for Intensive English Programs (IEPs).

Hundreds of colleges and universities throughout North America and the world use iTEP Academic in their intensive English programs (IEPs) and admissions offices to evaluate the English ability of students or prospective students. Our primary goal is to help higher education administrators do their jobs smoothly and with confidence.

Test Types

iTEP Academic: iTEP Academic-Core assesses grammar, listening, and reading skills within 60 minutes. Scores are available instantly. iTEP Academic-Plus assesses grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking within 90 minutes. Scores are available within 24 hours. Both versions are Internet-based, however a paper version of iTEP Academic-Core is available upon request.

Institutions love iTEP Academic because of its detailed scoring, reliable security features, and the ability to log in and access speaking and writing samples the test-takers they are evaluating generated during the test. They also appreciate iTEP’s lower price compared with other major English tests.

Find out more about iTEP Academic online here or by contacting Boston Educational Services.

iTEP Placement: A specialized test designed for the prompt turnaround of placement testing. iTEP Placement assesses grammar, listening, vocabulary, and reading. Detailed score reports are available instantly and students can also input writing prompts that can be graded by the administering institution.

Find out more about iTEP Placement online here or by contacting Boston Educational Services.

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