How is iTEP different from other tests on the market?

  • iTEP is easier to schedule. It can be scheduled anytime that is convenient for the test-taker and test center at least three business days from now.
  • iTEP is graded faster. Full results are available in five business days, and often sooner.
  • iTEP is more affordable. The test is $119USD anywhere in the world (institutional rates may apply, please contact BES to learn more).
  • iTEP takes less time. The most comprehensive iTEP exams last only 90 minutes. Other iTEP exams can be as short as 30 minutes.

How do I sign up to take iTEP?

Contact a Certified iTEP Test Center to schedule a test. Find the test center nearest to you here. Once you have scheduled a test with a test center, you may pre-register for the test here.

When do I need to register for iTEP?

Whenever you are ready! iTEP can be taken anytime. Contact a test center to arrange for a test. Tests can be scheduled as soon as three business days from now.

Where do I take iTEP?

Individuals who take iTEP to apply to US colleges or universities must take iTEP at one of our Certified iTEP Test Centers.

Schools and businesses often administer iTEP on their own premises for placement and evaluation purposes. Sometimes, organizations enable test-takers to take iTEP at home for evaluation purposes.

How much does the test cost?

iTEP costs $119 for all prospective US college or university students who take the test at one of the Certified iTEP Centers worldwide. Please contact us for pricing for organizations.

Is there a test center in my city?

There are hundreds of Certified iTEP Test Centers in dozens of countries. Click here to find the one located nearest to you.

How do I prepare for the test?

Visiting our test prep page is a great way to start. There, you will find a link to purchase the Official iTEP Preparation Guide, which helps test-takers become familiar with the format of the exam before taking iTEP. We also offer sample test questions and test preparation tips in our newsletter and on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo accounts. iTEP does not offer test prep courses. The best way to prepare for the test is to use English in your daily life.

Does iTEP offer English classes or test prep classes?

No, iTEP does not offer classes or instruction of any kind. We do offer some test preparation materials, such as the Official iTEP Preparation Guide, on our test prep page.

What skills does iTEP assess?

The tests that can be used to apply to US schools, iTEP Academic-Plus and iTEP SLATE-Plus, assess proficiency in reading, grammar, listening, writing, and speaking. During the writing and speaking sections, test-takers must speak and write. iTEP Business-Plus asseses these same 5 skills. Other iTEP exams assess the following skills:
iTEP Academic, iTEP SLATE, iTEP Business: reading, grammar, listening
iTEP Hospitality, iTEP Au Pair, iTEP Intern: listening, speaking
Visit our exam pages for more information about each test.

How long is the exam?

iTEP exams have the following lengths:
90 mintues: iTEP Academic-Plus, iTEP SLATE-Plus, iTEP Business-Plus
60 minutes: iTEP Academic, iTEP SLATE, iTEP Business
30 minutes: iTEP Hospitality, iTEP Au Pair, iTEP Intern
Visit the exam pages to learn more about each test.

What happens on test day?

You will arrive at the test center at the time you agreed upon when you called to schedule. The test center will verify your identification, which must match the name given when you signed up for the test. No reference materials (books, phone, etc), nor food or drink are allowed during the test. You will be provided with a piece of paper and a pen or pencil for notes. These notes will be taken by the test administrator after the test, though they are not graded. For more information about test rules, please visit the test security page.

I paid for a practice test. What happens now?

Once you have purchased an iTEP Practice Test, a link to the test and login information will be emailed to you. Please allow one full business day for the email to arrive.

How will I receive my iTEP score after taking the test?

The test center or institution where you took the test will provide you with your score.

What is the difference between iTEP Academic and iTEP SLATE?

The difference is the age group for each test. iTEP Academic is accepted for admissions and used by colleges, universities, and intensive English programs (IEPs). iTEP SLATE is accepted for admissions and used by high schools, boarding schools, and academies. Generally, iTEP SLATE is for younger learners, roughly of secondary school age, and iTEP Academic is for adults or prospective college students.

What is the difference between iTEP Academic and iTEP Academic-Plus (or iTEP SLATE and iTEP SLATE-Plus)?

iTEP Academic-Plus, iTEP SLATE-Plus, and iTEP Business-Plus are our most comprehensive exams. These are used for admissions and hiring purposes and are usually taken in a secure setting. They assess reading, listening, grammar, writing, and speaking and last 90 minutes.
iTEP Academic, iTEP SLATE, and iTEP Business (also called the “core” iTEP tests) assess only reading, listening, and grammar in 60 minutes. They do not assess writing and speaking. These tests are used more often for placement.

How is iTEP scored?

The reading, listening, and grammar sections are scored automatically by the computer. The writing and speaking samples are graded by native English-speaking trained ESL professionals, according to a standardized scoring rubric. Each test section is weighed equally. There is no penalty in the multiple-choice sections for guessing or incorrect answers.

In what form are test results provided?

The Official iTEP Score Report shows the test-taker’s Overall Level (from 0-Beginner to 6-Mastery), as well as levels attained on each test section (reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar). Results are presented in easy to read formats, as both a table and a graph.

How are iTEP's levels interpreted?

iTEP levels range from 0 (Beginner) to 6 (Mastery) and are expressed in .1 increments (e.g. 2.1, 2.3, etc.) Please refer to the iTEP Ability Guide (Academic, Business, or SLATE) to see, at a glance, how well an individual at a particular level can use English to communicate.

Who decides what level of iTEP should be accepted at an institution?

Each institution is responsible for deciding the minimum iTEP score to accept for admissions. Most institutions choose from level 3.5 (Intermediate). Some institutions do not require a minimum score, evaluating each applicant individually.

Is iTEP only used by colleges and universities?

No. iTEP Academic is also used by English language programs and other institutions interested in an academically oriented test of English. iTEP Business is used by businesses and organizations interested in a business-oriented English assessment tool. iTEP SLATE is used by high schools and academies to assess young ESL learners’ ability to follow classroom material. iTEP Hospitality, iTEP Au Pair, and iTEP Intern are used by private companies looking for an English test specific to their purpose.

I did not get the score I wanted. When can I take iTEP again?

You can take iTEP again whenever you are ready. Except in unusual circumstances (such as illness), we advise test-takers to wait at least one month before scheduling a new test after taking iTEP. This is the minimum amount of time needed to realistically improve one’s language skill significantly.