English Language Educators


English Language Educators

Providing a high quality English education means utilizing all tools available to ensure that students are flourishing under the assigned academic curriculum. The iTEP catalogue is here to provide educators with secure and accurate results to make sure that students can reach their full potential. iTEP features data mapping, home self-diagnostic tests, matriculation services, and more. These services give English programs access to a valuable toolkit with which to measure student progress and evaluate ways to construct improved outcome objectives, setting them one step ahead of competitors.

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Why choose iTEP for your program?

  • Efficient: A detailed virtual score report with individual assessment for linguistic sub-skills are available anywhere 6-24 hours.
  • Adaptable: The family of iTEP tests is vast, comprehensive and offers customized content for secondary and postsecondary level institutions. 
  • Versatile: iTEP tests can be used for internal program analysis, progress evaluation, and placement.
  • Simple: comprehensive assessment in 90 minutes or less.
  • Affordable: iTEP offers accommodating institutional prices. Contact us to receive a quote. 

Where can my students take the iTEP test?

Individuals applying to colleges or universities must take iTEP Academic at a certified iTEP Test Center. Educational institutions such as Intensive English Programs (IEPs) often license iTEP Academic for use on their campuses. 

How can I help my students prepare for the iTEP test?

There are several resources available to help students succeed on their iTEP test. Please refer to our Prepare for the Test Page to learn more.

How can I start using iTEP at my institution?

We will help you choose the iTEP test most appropriate for your particular needs and ensure you are prepared as you decide to make the switch from other tests or start testing for the first time. Once you start using iTEP, options for sample testing and pilot projects will become available. Please contact us to get started.