Successful companies rely on effective communication. In today’s global market, this means hiring bilingual and non-native English speakers. But when hiring non-native speakers, you need to understand their English abilities. How well can they read? Can they write effectively? Is their speaking up to par? And this is where English equivalency tests come in. At iTEP, we offer a full range of English tests for companies. Our tests are designed to evaluate applicants and assess employees. As a result, your company can make informed choices. And informed choices are just good business.

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Why our clients prefer iTEP:

Our clients prefer iTEP for many reasons. For one thing, we provide some of the most accurate testing out there. And yet our affordable pricing won’t blow your budget. Most of all, our clients love that our tests’:

  • Content Specificity: We offer English tests for companies to match a wide range of industries. You can pick the best test for your industry, so the vocabulary and scenarios match your workplace. In this way, you get results that matter.
  • Accuracy: Our detailed scoring makes it easy to understand employee capabilities. So you can let your best communicators be the face of your company.
  • Customizability: The iTEP business test is customizable: make it match your brand. “White-label” versions are also available upon request.
  • Convenience: Our tests last only 90 minutes, and scores are ready within 24 hours. And since it’s online, employees can take it anywhere: at home, at work, or at a test center.

How can I start using iTEP at my company?

With our team of experts, you will find it easy to get started. They can help you choose the right iTEP test and answer any questions. Contact us to get started today.