Secondary-Level Admissions Offices


Secondary-Level Admissions Offices

iTEP SLATE was specifically designed to evaluate the English proficiency of institution students. It accomplished this through the use of adaptive content that is both challenging and age-appropriate.

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iTEP SLATE Benefits:

  1. The test can be scheduled on-demand at test centers all over the world or on your premises.
  2. Results available instantly or in 24 hours, depending on whether writing and speaking are tested.
  3. Test-taker data, photos, test scores, and speaking and writing samples.
  4. The test lasts no more than 90 minutes and costs $129 USD retail for test-takers.
  5. iTEP SLATE tests grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The writing and speaking samples are available for review any time after the test.

The best part? 

Becoming an iTEP SLATE Partner Institution is free. Click here to submit your partner registration form, or contact us today to get started.