iTEP Placement


iTEP Placement

iTEP Placement is designed to fit the specific needs of any English language or Intensive English Program (IEP). The test is delivered online or paper-based and assesses beginner-to advanced-level English, with immediate scoring to fit the strict time constraints of the beginning of term. Each section of iTEP Placement includes tasks targeting beginner to advanced levels of English proficiency to fit diverse program levels. As with all other iTEP exams, iTEP Placement is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and score reports provide a level designation from A1 – C2. iTEP International staff works with clients to align iTEP to existing program levels.

How long do the iTEP Placement Tests Last?

iTEP Placement is untimed but has an average completion time of 45 minutes for mid-level proficiency.

How is the Test Delivered?

iTEP Placement can be administered online or in a paper-based format at your own computer lab or at a Certified iTEP Test Center.

iTEP Placement Structure

Grammar – 15 fill-in-the-blank multiple-choice questions

Listening Comprehension – 18 multiple-choice questions

Part 1: Six short listening prompts each followed by some questions (ten total)

Part 2: One situational dialogue followed by three questions

Part 3: Three-minute lecture followed by five questions

Vocabulary – 10 multiple-choice questions

Part 1: Six questions to select the best word that completes the sentence

Part 2: Four questions to select the closest synonym to a word

Reading Comprehension – 14 multiple-choice questions

Part 1: Four questions about a recipe

Part 2: One low-level passage (about 160 words) followed by four questions

Part 3: One upper-level passage (about 450 words) followed by six questions

Optional Writing Prompt Institutions have the option to request the addition of a writing section, which consists of a single writ­ing prompt at the end of the test. The writing sample is not graded by iTEP, but it will appear on the score report to allow teachers and staff to evaluate a sample of the student’s writing.

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