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iTEP Business

The iTEP Business English test enables employers to quantify English language ability in great detail. With content specific to the workplace, you get a reliable picture of a candidate’s mastery of the language skills necessary for the job. And this empowers you to make hiring and promotion decisions with confidence.

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How long do the iTEP Business Tests Last?

The iTEP Business Core test takes 60 minutes, and the iTEP Business Plus test takes 90 minutes. 

How is the Test Delivered?

You can administer the iTEP Business English test on almost any computer. Further, you can test candidates and employees at your office, at their homes, or anywhere that works for you. Or you can simply refer your candidates or employees to one of our Certified iTEP Test Centers. Since we have more than 600 worldwide, there is almost certainly a Center near you.

How are our partners using iTEP Business?

  • Screening, evaluating the return on investment, progress and promotion decisions, benchmarking and streamlining.
  • Make It Your Own: iTEP offers the chance to create a custom exam, containing only the skills you wish to evaluate. Or you can opt for a “White-Label” option displaying your name and logo on the test.

ITEP Business Structure

Since iTEP Business comes in two forms, you can choose what works best for your business. First, iTEP Business Plus tests grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Second, iTEP Business Core tests grammar, listening, and reading. The chart below details the test structure:

Existing Partners and Endorsements

We hold affiliations with AMCHAM and the US Dept. of Commerce and are members of ASTD and the Chamber of Commerce of several nations. We are dedicated to assisting companies in all industries that do business in English and employ non-native speakers.

To start using iTEP in your business, please contact us today.